Here at Atlas Carpet Care we emphasize quality and customer satisfaction. We are a family owned business. You can be certain that your cleaning will not only be the best you have ever had, but that services will be performed in accordance with the cleaning industry’s highest levels of quality.



Carpets are treated with non-toxic hypoallergenic cleaners that will leave your home smelling and looking GREAT!

Advice from an expert

Ceramic Tile

Over time, dirt, grease and other contaminants become trapped below
the surface into the pores of the grout. When this happens, your grout
will appear dark, dirty and may even be disclored. When it gets this
bad a mop a heavy scrubbing or hard cleaners just get the job done.
So what should you do?
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Dirt and dust are seen on hard surfaces and easily wipe off, but on
carpet it can soon work its way deep into the fibers where the
abrasive action will cause them to deteriorate and need replacing

Atlas Carpet Care uses a cleaning system that deep cleans your
carpets, flushing the dirt and pollutants from the fibers with
self-neutralizing cleaning chemicals that are also non-toxic and
bio-degradable, leaving your carpets clean and fresh again. We offer
only the best Carpet Cleaning methods and use only the safest, most
effective products.

Atlas Carpet Care Technician Cleaning Carpet