who we are

Atlas Carpet Care - Bobby and Kathy Theus - ownersWe are a Christian couple that has been married for 26 years with two wonderful sons and one daughter in law. We both grew up in the Gainesville Alachua area.


We volunteered with Santa Fe Pop Warner football in Alachua for 7 years and served as coach, team mom, commissioner, treasurer.


We have also been involved with Fellowship Church in High Springs, FL, where we have helped serve the community through the food ministry, donations to yard sales, Big Serve; helping the needy in the community with yard work, home repairs, auto repairs, grocery shopping, taking elderly to dr. appointments, etc.


Our techs

Allen Theus

(our 24 year old son) grew up in the business and has been working full time for 8 years. He always gets customer compliments for a job well done

Roger Kenney

has been with our company for 4 years and has also received lots of customer compliments for a job well done.



They both take pride in their work and always strive to do the best job possible for every customer.